Achieve Natural Gas Operational Excellence
An all-in-one Retail and Wholesale operations solution serving both regulated and deregulated industries
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100% of the natural gas operations functionality your business needs


Within the challenging natural gas industry, fully integrated All-In-One operational functionality represents competitive advantage. ​


A best-in-class natural gas solution that simplifies operations via automation efficiencies and fit for purpose capabilities.​


You! Regulated and Deregulated Natural Gas companies across North America with pressures that demand operational excellence.​


Anywhere you operate and service the needs of natural gas end-users and trading operations.

Enabling Natural Gas companies to productively and profitably manage all aspects of business operations from pipeline to city gate to meter.

  • Grow your book with 100% of the required operational functionality needed to attract and enroll customers, price quickly, bridge retail demand with wholesale supply, and manage price risk, with access to accurate data for peak business performance.
  • Improve margin through transparent data housed in one master database, leading to better informed business decisions and reporting for forecasting, trading, hedging, scheduling, and pool requirements.
  • ​ Reduce your Cost-to-Serve by replacing manual processes and spreadsheet human error with automation that increases productivity and favorably impacts top and bottom-line business performance.
Bill Review LDC charges BudgetBilling LDC Tarrifs LDC Rates Pooling Points Stor Targets LDC meter types local distribution company-LDC
Customer Care Improve customer relations and enhance retention strategies via a centralized repository of customer and customer-related data that provides a complete customer lifecycle view.
Billing Optimize cash flow through reduced average time from bill to cash by increasing invoice accuracy and speed.
Accounting​ Maximize automation with a complete GL supporting seamless integration with your existing ERP.
Contract Capture and Complex Pricing Gain competitive advantage and increase customer retention with unlimited pricing options from the simplest residential customer to the most complex commercial or industrial client.​​
Load Forecasting Reduce costs and boost margins via supply and hedging transparency, improved forecasting, and a complete end to end view of supply costs, margins and P&L.
Sales Tax​ Mitigate risk through improved GL reporting and calculation of taxes at every jurisdiction level via a single, auditable central repository.​​
Sales Commissions Simplify your sales process and increase partner satisfaction through an efficient contracting process and clear and accurate commission payments.
LDC Scheduling Minimize imbalance penalties and streamline your pooling and balancing requirements leveraging transparent, real-time and accurate data, while enhancing operational and scheduling efficiencies.​
Automated LDC Connectivity Serve existing markets efficiently and enter new markets faster with fully automated LDC EDI connectivity and flexible configurability for both EDI and non-EDI utilities.
Pipeline Scheduling Optimize your transport, manage your assets and eliminate spreadsheet errors with best in class pipeline logistics fully integrated across a central repository.
Risk Project anticipated profitability and control exposure to price fluctuations with fully integrated Mark-to-Market and Price Exposure reporting that spans both wholesale and retail sides of the business.
Counterparty Credit Understand your credit exposure in real-time with on demand reporting specifically designed to account for the physical nature of the natural gas industry.
Trading Capture your supply with physical transactions and hedge your positions with support for swaps and futures either manually entered or imported from your exchange of choice.
Risk Limits Empower your risk teams with powerful trade limit monitoring controls such as valuation limits, tenor limits, and volumetric limits, all designed to maximize transparency and minimize risk.
Inventory Valuation Standardize your valuation methodology and manage the details of storage with the flexibility to incorporate company specific rules, such as Lower Cost or Market decisions versus your WACOG actuals.

nGenue Solution Building Blocks

One Data Source​

Demystify your business processes and analytics through one master database covering your entire retail natural gas business.​

end 2 end capabilities

End to End Capabilities

Spend more time on your business and less with technology by leveraging two decades of production hardened functionality that manages every aspect of your natural gas operations.​

AI and Machine Learning

Multiply the effectiveness of your team with built for purpose accelerators that produce more accurate results with significantly less effort.​

system integration


Eliminate duel entry and manual mistakes by automating seamless connections with your most important systems.​


Empower your team to make business decisions faster and more effectively with over 100 standard easily customizable reports.​

security audit

Security / Audit​

Comply with industry regulations and information accessibility requirements with a fully auditable data security framework.

About nGenue

nGenue empowers natural gas companies to grow their book and reduce cost to serve with a comprehensive off the shelf solution, a superior alternative to spreadsheets or costly custom software development.

Since our first implementation in 1996, our all-in-one retail natural gas solution has been enabling competitive advantage to both deregulated and regulated natural gas providers.​

nGenue is headed by a team of industry veterans with a combined 100+ years of Energy experience and a deep understanding of the multi-faceted Energy business.

Confidence Sincere belief in our product and our people.
Innovation Using the technology of tomorrow to deliver results today.
Partnership True collaboration with a trustworthy team.
Agile An organization with a commitment to react quickly and efficiently.​
Ingenuity Clever and inventive approach to client needs.​
Simplification Dedication to a simpler software experience.​
Kenneth Hall - CEO

Kenneth Hall

Kenneth Hall brings a unique blend of advisory, technology, and client solution experience as well as strong executive leadership to the nGenue team. Ken is a visionary who is committed to transforming the retail energy industry by leveraging his 17 years in the energy technology space.

Sri Mannepalli - Architecture & Technology

Sri Mannepalli
Architecture And Technology

Sri Mannepalli is a leader in the energy solutions industry. He has been instrumental in providing advisory services for some of the largest organizations in the world for the last two decades. Sri has a proven track record of providing simple and straightforward answers to today’s most complex challenges.​

Mark Lloret - Principal Architect

Mark Lloret
Principal Architect

Mark Lloret is a principal architect at nGenue and brings almost 30 years of retail natural gas experience. He is a veteran at understanding the challenges of the retail natural gas market and is the original architect of the nGenue solution.​

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